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If you are a new user, or have a new project, we strongly suggest you meet with a Proteomics Core staff member to discuss your research goals and sample preparation techniques before submitting samples.

Submit a work request online using our Protbase system.

Bring a copy of your submission form with the sample(s) to a staff member in the Proteomics Core Laboratory located in the Bio5 Institute's Thomas W. Keating Building, 1657 E. Helen Street, Room 106, Tucson, AZ 85721.  Phone: (520) 626-4161

Contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding your work request.

When the work is completed, you will receive an email that your data have been uploaded to the Protbase server.

Any publications using data generated by the Proteomics Facility need to include a statement in the Acknowledgement section.

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Minimum amount of material needed for analysis:

Technique Minimum needed
MALDI protein  1 pmol
MALDI peptide 50 fmol
ESI MS small molecule  1 pmol
HPLC separation 10 ug
2D gel 50 ug
2D DIGE 100 ug
LC MS/MS 50 fmol*
Orbi trap LC MS/MS complex mixture 300-400 ng
MudPIT 10-30 ug

*50 fmol is the detection limit for the standard (tryptic digest of BSA), more material is needed for most analyses particularly for detection of modifications, e.g. phosphorylation sites.